Frequently Asked Questions

I am Zahid Malik. A painter by profession. I have a team of 3 permanent painters, and if I get big projects, then I hire painters on contract.

Different paints are required for different projects. Acrylic paint, oil paint, white wash and cement paint, anti-corrosive etc. are used separately for various functions like white washing, furniture painting and more importantly, walls and ceilings.

Dip a small piece of rag in a small volume of rubbing alcohol and rub it against a wall.  If the paint does not come off, it is an oil-based paint. One needs to prime the surface with a bonding primer for a latex paint to get better results.

At Rang Rogan Wala, we offer a year’s warranty on our service. We show original pictures of our previous projects to give you an idea of how we work. We believe that transparency is of prime importance in such deals and once we discuss and set an estimate for a specified project, we ensure we deliver our best.

The choice of color can vary from person to person as per preference. Sometimes we recommend colors based on the exterior shape and elevation. For example, if your exterior has a brick look, we usually recommend undertone shades.

Before the paint work begins, it is recommended that you must cover your furniture with a biodegradable poly or paper sheet to prevent any damage in case of spills or even otherwise.

I recommend all my clients to get new flooring first and then wall painting because that simplifies the work and prevents any unwanted damages or losses.

Yes, we have a brochure that illustrates the paints and has sample attractive interior designs for your home.

Yes, pictures and the room's size can be helpful in drawing an estimate and this can be done through the phone. We can then arrange a site visit for further requirements.

Yes, we are providing a one-year free warranty service to our clients on the occasion of Diwali and New year.

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